Stories Worth Mentioning

True - Stories that are true, autobiographical, or biographical.
Original - Stories about made up characters (or people in real life) placed in fictitious scenes.
Fan Fiction - Stories about celebrities or fictional characters, written by fans.

True Stories
Safe - Rated R
My name is Nicole and I am reality's Charlotte Madsen and I am in love with Aaron, the Quentin Reynolds you all read about. And this story is going to tell you how I really met him, how we connected, and why I love him. And why he makes me feel safe.
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Original Stories
Bella - Rated R
Her name was Bella. And her name said it all in Italian. The most gorgeous girl in the entire tenth grade. With a surrounding army of friends that would build a house with sticks and hay if a storm were to hit. Perfect grades, a boyfriend other girls would kill for, and a smile that hid her from the world. Until lesbian became the only way to describe her a year later.
Dear Jane Doe - Rated NC-17
Love. Love is a strong word. Love tells a person that you are attached to them involuntarily. Love tells a person that the strings that hold you together are held by them. Love tells a person you are bound to them for eternity, even if you separate both your own way. Love shows a person that you would care for them, through thick and thin, even if their actions were illegal. Love is a miracle that no one can control.
Hemorrhage - Rated R
It was sophmore year when he first said it - he didn't even say it, really, he just implied it, which was worse in her eyes. They were bickering over a couple of cold French fries when he made the comment.
"C'mon, Emelie," he rolled his eyes. "It's not like you need them anyway."
That was it. That was all it took. That was the day she vowed to become transparent.
Path to Nowhere - Rated R
Alexander Spencer and Ivy Lenson have almost nothing in common. Whereas she is vivacious, rebellious, blunt, and gets whatever she wants, he is quiet, responsible, laidback, and takes whatever life throws at him. What they do have in common is how in one week, their parents are getting married, making them stepsiblings. It's the same old story for Ivy, seeing as how her mother's third husband just left them two years ago. So, when her mother tells her she's really in love this time, she simply sets back cynically to wait. Alex is simply waiting until he can go to college and make something of himself. On the other hand, she's insecure about what she really wants to be in life. Happiness has never been a part of Ivy's hectic life. Alex is the happiest person she's ever met. When she asks him how he does it, he simply answers, "When you've been on the Path to Nowhere so long, you make it a priority to change it."
You Win - Rated PG-13
Once upon a doorstep, Caroline Bailey picked up the newspaper to see that she had lost the contest in which she had put her heart and soul.
In the blink of an eye, revenge goes a little too far.
Caroline soon finds herself trying to right a few wrongs that may never be right again.
You're Purchased - Rated NC-17
Prostitute: Whore. Whore. Whore. Slut. Skank. Loser. Hoe. Good-for-Nothing. Those are the words that come to mind, right?
Well, for some or most of us, yes - others, like me, have different thoughts . . . Goddess. Lover. Dearest. Wife?
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Fan Fictions
Overcome - Rated NC-17
A fool, young, naive; that is what he was.
He thought he had it all: fame, money, friends, the love of his life. But he was foolish to fall too hard for her, young enough to believe he had found the right person, naive to think that she would stick around.
Star-crossed - Rated R
It wasn't supposed to end up like this. I wasn't supposed to fall for someone like him. It was forbidden by my tribe. Yet the more he came around the harder I fell. It was madness. But it was the madness that made it so thrilling.
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