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Shaken Choices started on Myspace - July 18 of 2008 The name came about from the song "Honey [...]" by My Chemical Romance; it goes And it's hard to say I'm shaken by the choices that I make. Since 2005, I had a passion for MCR and I had never been allowed (up until May 27 and October 1, 2011) to go to one of their shows; three years into the rejection to go to their shows, I made them a fan site. It was originally called MCR Fanfics but I didn't write fictions, so I changed it to "I'd Encourage Your Smiles, I'll Expect You Won't Cry!" also lyrics from MCR (The End) but I finally decided on Shaken Choices in 2009. The change wasn't something spontaneous either - it was a planned change. First of all, IEYSIEYWC was a long name, and I always initialed it anyways. Second, during 2009 I had a series of... family issues, for lack of a better term. It was a very hard time, and I had planned on either disowning IEYSIEYWC or just plain and simple shutting it down, with the intent of not coming back. However, I had met too many people. I didn't want to throw it away. I went months without talking to the same people I had for a year. It was hard, but considering everything I went through, it was worth it. After a while, everything cooled down and I was back. Little did I know that MySpace had changed drastically. From that moment on, I saw a change. I created my Facebook account as a fall-back type thing, and in a few months time, everyone migrated. Eventually, MySpace bored me, obviously, so I went back to a site I was introduced to called Mibba. I hadn't planned on becoming so addicted to it or knowing the people I know now, but hey, it was worth it as well. After a while, I start investigating Mibba. Their CSS and HTML. At first I found it difficult. I knew very little outside MySpace-code, but it was very similar to "DIV"s as we used to call them. I began studying basic HTML, learning the specifics, and still am learning to this day. That's how this site changed from a MySpace site to a Mibba one. In my opinion, Mibba is just better and far more fascinating. Not to mention, I love reading!

Yours Truly
RosaMy name is Rosemary (alias Rosa) and I...
*own/take care of Shaken Choices.
*am currently eighteen years old.
*attend college.
*graduated earlier than I was "supposed" to.
*was born and raised in Southern California.
*speak two languages: English and Spanish.
*have learned: Latin, Japanese, German, and American Sign Language.
*have an open mind for music.
*give people my honest opinion if asked.
*may come off as a rude person, but am not.
*don't intend on being offensive.
*am for the most part accepting/open minded
*have pierced my nose twice/eyebrow/upper ear (no longer have), earlobe thrice, and tragus.
*use corrective glasses/contact lenses.

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